How To Make Music Starting From Score Writing Up To Publishing At Site

How To Make Music Starting From Score Writing Up To Publishing At Site

Score Writer is a PC-based notation software that I use to create all of my music. It was purchased from Genie Soft. You can hear every sound that was created by the score note, not through a microphone.

Cake Walk published the first version of Score Writer. This version does not support VST instruments. Genie Soft version 4 supports Virtual Studio Technology. SynthFont VST (V1.003 ) was free downloaded into Score Write VST plug in folder. You can also download the Chaos 8Mb soundfont. Combining SynthFont VST with Chaos 8MB soundfont makes the sound of the musical instruments very similar to actual instruments. The flute is a good example. If a note is blown for a prolonged period of time, it is possible to hear the “real” sound like someone blowing a human hair. The same note may produce a different sound over time. Score Writer version 1 is not capable of producing this effect.

Score Writer has the ability to pan. It refers to the position of all musical instruments within the hall. You can place the cello on one side and the piano on the other Tubidy. The centre of the hall is represented by the panning, which is from negative 64 to positively 63.

Classic Reverb can be imported into Score Writer VST plug in folder to create music with reverberation. Classic Reverb can be downloaded for free. Classic Reverb can be used to adjust the room size, making the music sound as if it is being played in the hall.

Music written by score note is played on a beat that cannot be achieved by humans. This is the problem with music written in score notes. Humanization of the music is needed to resolve this problem. This means that some musical sounds need to be played slightly later or earlier than others. The chosen instrument will be used to slow down the entire track. (The Demisemiquaver can do this by making 1/32 notes slower for 110 Crotchets per min). Some instruments will sound a bit slower if the music has one note that is played loudly by all instruments (orchestra hit). These are my two main practices in music humanization.

After the notes are written, the music is converted to WAV format using Score Writer’s “Record to File” function. Music in WAV file format is required to burn the music to CD. This can be done with Nero by simply importing the WAV file to Nero.

Music files in WAV format take up large amounts of memory (about 30Mb to 60Mb per music with a length of four minutes), which isn’t very popular online. The music is then converted to MP3 format, where it usually shrinks down to one-tenth of its original size. Audio MID Recorder can be used to do this conversion.

The required format must be set up before Audio MID recorder can do the converting. The recorder does not care about the file format of the music to be converted. The music can be in any format. This also means that you can convert WAV filefrequency 44100 in 16 bit to WAV files frequency 32000 in eight bits. Convert MP3 192Kbps into MP3 128Kbps. The recorder simply records what is being heard and converts it into the desired format. You can also increase the volume by using this option.